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Kerstin Arnemann Fine Art Photographer


Kerstin is an internationally multi-awarded black & white fine art photographer, residing in Malta, with high distinctions in the most important photography competitions worldwide (IPA, PX3, Monochrome Awards, Moscow International Foto Awards…).

Kerstin's photographic work has been exhibited on an international level, Malta, Greece, Germany, Portland -Oregon (USA), China etc.

She is renowned for her black & white signature work in fine art long exposures, which all showcase her distinctive style and express her artistic sensibility.

Her work has been featured in many international magazines and books. She holds the following professional photography qualifications: AMIPP (MIPP, Malta) and Associate Ship SICIP (Society of International, Commercial and Industrial Photographers, UK)

Beginning her career in 2012, Kerstin found herself quickly attracted to geometric shapes, lines and forms . She works almost exclusively in black and white tones as she seeks a uniquely timeless appeal, both visually and in terms of the atmosphere and emotions. She is trying to express her inner world in a way that can be recognized by the viewer.

Kerstin paints with light and tones, moving away from objective reality expressing her own artistic vision of the subject. This is achieved by incorporating techniques such as black and white conversion, as well as long exposure to control time and capture what the eye is not able to capture. She combines the medium of photography with the method of light painting.

An additional control for the artist is by creating presence in an image by altering tones of lights according to the mood she wants to exude, anticipating and proceeding to fulfill the vision through which the artist wants the viewer to perceive the subject. Light and shadows, but especially shadows and dark tones have always intrigued her – they define forms, depth, create mystery and a peaceful view.

Kerstin transforms an ordinary location into an extraordinary one, extracting something special out of the given scene.

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