Awards and Publications - Kerstin Arnemann Fine Art Photographer

Awards and Publications

2019 - International Photography Awards - Oneshot Street Photo Contest

3 Honourable Mentions in the Professional Categories: Shadows, Lifestyle and Perfect Moments

The shadow chaser

The Kick

The good old times

2018 - "The Kick " has been awarded in the prestigious PX3 Prix de la Photography  - Honourable Mention and in the 13th Black and White Spider Awards in the category People.

The Kick

The Kick

2017 - 12th Black & White Spider Awards  - 

Nomination in 2 Categories: Architectural and Nature 

Mirror play
Solace in Nature

2017 - 10th International Color Awards, Nomination in Fine Art.

"Stranded" Edro III

2016 - 1st Place awarded in 9th edition of the Pollux Awards in Landscape and Cityscape category

2016 - 11th Black & White Spider Awards  - 

Winner in the Category Photojournalism and 1 Nomination in the Category "Architectural 

2016 International Photography Awards 2016  

2 Honourable Mentions awarded in the Professional Category: "Family of Man" competition.

A.D. 1883
The world is a bubble and the Life of a Man

2016 - For the second year - Featured Photographer with Merit Award in a 2-page spread in the prestigious Magazine Black & White # 116 (US based Magazine, distributed worldwide)

2016 - The most important fine art photography competition in Europe and one of the first in the world.

PX3 Prix de la Photography - Honourable Mention


Underground II

2016 - 9th International Color Awards, Nomination in Landscape

2016 - Featured Artist in the Sunday Times of Malta. 

2016 - Featured Artist with Interview in the February/March issue of Adore Noir Magazine, a Vancouver based, digital fine art photography magazine.

2016 - My exhibition "Visual Impressions" has been featured in the local newspaper "The Malta Independent"

2015 -Awarded third place in Street Photography of as Photographer of the Year by the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP UK)

2015 - Monochrome Awards 

Honourable Mentions in the Category Architecture x 3 and in Conceptual x 1 

2015 - 10th Black & White Spider Awards  -

5 Nominations - 3 x Architecture, 1 x Portrait, 1 x Fine Art

2015 - Neutral Density Award 

Honourable Mentions in Architectural Category x 4 and Nature/Seascape Category x 1

Front cover of Photography Week Issue 162 , the world's best selling digital photography magazine. Quote: 

"Kerstin's image is breathtaking in so many ways - it's light, the composition, that leads your eye through the frame, the dramatic monochrome. This image perfectly embodies, the technique in this week's main feature........"

2015 - Moscow International Foto Awards. Third prize winner awarded in Architecture.

Featured Photographer in Camerapixo Magazine Issue "Visual Connection" October 2015.

2015 - International Photography Awards Honourable Mentions awarded in Fine Art Landscape and Architectural Building category.

Published in Photography Week Magazine, Issue 155, as the "Most Inspiring Reader's Photo"

2015 - Two honourable mentions in Fine Art Photography Awards. Fine Art Photography Awards received more than 3000 submissions from 77 countries around the world.


Published in Photography Week Magazine, Issue 144, as the "Most Inspiring Reader's Photo" 

2015 - The most important fine art photography competition in Europe and one of the first in the world.

PX3 Prix de la Photographie Paris - Second Prize Award in the Nature Category for the image "Dune Path"

2015  Featured Photographer with Merit Award in a 2-page spread in the prestigious Magazine Black & White # 110 (US based Magazine, distributed worldwide)

March 2015 Featured Photographer in Camerapixo magazines Nature and Fine Art No.2

Awarded Silver Photography Award in Fine Art No.2 book and featured on the book cover.

2014 - Monochrome Awards - Honourable Mentions in Architectural Category x 4

February 2015: featured by magazine an independent magazine born in 2013 that features the best of contemporary photography from all over the world. 

January 2015: Interview by the prestigious magazine Shut Your Aperture under Artist, Photography and Inspiration about my series Musical Architecture.

January 2015: Shape of Sound II and Shape of Sound IV published by the prestigious online magazine

Featured Photographer & Interview in

Featured Photographer with Interview in Dodho Magazine

2014 - Neutral Density Award Photo Contest 

November 2014: winner of Honourable Mention for the series Musical Architecture and Poetry in Architecture at ND Awards 2014. This year, 24 international jurors reviewed over 3000 entries submitted by the World's Finest photographers in 76 countries.


November 2014: awarded photographer of the Year in 2014 by Malta Institute of Professional Photography (MIPP Malta).

Featured Photographer in Camerapixo online magazine and Fine Art book.

October 2014: Winner of the Department of Information (Government Organization Malta) competition in local Architecture.

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