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Kerstin is a real artist. She is not only a great photographer but also a wonderful person, very imaginative and hard working, an artist who believes in her vision and knows how to express it through her work.

I've had the pleasure to work with Kerstin for quite some time, and to also meet her in person. During this time I've witnessed her evolution in black and white fine art photography and I was impressed by it, to say the least.

Kerstin is working with a lot of subjects but architecture is the subject she is mostly fond of and where her style shows in its plenitude. Maybe because she is just as much a dreamer as a rationalist and these two aspects of her personality combined find their best expression in working with light, shapes and volumes. She has a great eye for them and for combining them to make an outstanding image. I have seen Kerstin's photography growing, up to a point where now she is winning international awards for her work and having personal exhibitions and I know she is going to go much further and have a brilliant career in fine art photography.

She has the skills, the smartness, the love for her work, the imagination, the passion and the vision to achieve whatever she desires in photography and I'm so much looking further to seeing her success in the future. I can recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone working with her on commissioned projects or any other kind of photography projects. Kerstin is as professional in her work as she is an artist in her heart.

Julia Anna Gospodarou – Multi Award-winning Fine art Photographer www.juliaannagospodarou.com | www.envisionography.com

Malta Society of Arts

The Malta Society of Arts is Malta’s oldest institution in promotion of arts and crafts. 

The work presented by Kerstin Arnemann are particularly intriguing in reaching an inventive understanding of the essence of the architectonic structures or compositions. Her photography is remarkable for its light and shade, tonal value and chiaroscuro, used to emphasize the appeal of structural forms. It goes beyond a stale game of patterns and lines. In works such as "The Paradox of Freedom", the artist associates the main formal structure of the composition with an abstract concept that transcends the materiality of the object. The two different realms are connected to recreate a contrasting conceptual binary which provokes reflection and a pleasing sensation. It is an articulation of the internal disparity one finds between the visual image of a confined building and its evocation of freedom through the use of open spaces and broad uncluttered areas. It speaks the language of minimalism, revealing the beauty of the starkness of form and the exploring the paradox of complexity within  simplicity.

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Degremont Company

On behalf of Degremont Company, it is our hope this letter will stand as a most solid endorsement of the quality in service rendered by Mrs Kerstin Arnemann.

Mrs Kerstin Arnemann was engaged to deliver a series of colourful and promotional images indoor and outdoor of the Ta' Barak Sewage Treatment plant at M'scala for our promotional purposes.

Mrs Arnemann efficiently worked to an extensive brief and autonomously. She at all times worked in a professional manner paying great attention to detail. She definitely enjoys photography and is as well very creative.

The coverage of the project was quite more extensive than outlined. Certainly, Mrs Arnemann went well above what was expected of her.

We were impressed with the level of service Mrs Kerstin Arnemann provided as well as the portfolio of images presented.

We are happy to recommend Mrs Kerstin Arnemann for any photographic projects which requires creative thinking, excellent pricing and great results.

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